Irene Pérez Herraiz - Julia Pérez-Prieto photochemistry reactivity Group

Irene Pérez Herráez

Irene Pérez Herráez obtained her degree in Chemistry at the University of Valencia in 2017 and one year later her Master’s degree in Chemistry at the University of Valencia, under the guidance of Prof Carlos Gómez, working on molecular materials based on lanthanoides and anilate type ligands.

She joined the PRG of the Institute of Molecular Science with a view to obtaining her Doctorate’s degree, supported by an FPI grant to perform research related to photoactive nanomaterials.

Nowadays, she has joined the Photochemistry Reactivity Group and is in the admission period for the doctorate program, where she intends to obtain the PhD degree.

Meanwhile she is waiting for the confirmation of acceptance on the PhD “FPI” grant from the Spanish government.

Her area of research is based on photoactive nanomaterials, specifically in their synthesis and characterization based in luminescent nanoclusters.

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